Conditions and Regulations:

  • 250 euros deposit that will be returned during the week following the stay
  • When making the reservation we ask for the ID of the owner. At the accommodation it is compulsory to fill in the registration form that will be given to you on arrival (people over 14 years old)
  • We have board games and a library where you can exchange books.
  • We accept animals. We charge 10 euros per animal per stay. See regulations below.
  • Treat the house and everything in it as if it were your own.
  • When you leave the house after your stay, leave it as you found it. It is not necessary to make the beds. Take away the garbage, leave the fridge without food leftovers, clean what has been soiled. We will consider keeping a part of the deposit depending on the state in which we find the house. We do a deep cleaning for the following guests.
  • Disco-type parties or parties with more people than allowed are not allowed.
  • Deposit: It will be returned 48 hours after leaving the house, once we have been able to supervise possible damages.
  • Take care of the water consumption, remember: less is more!
  • Smoking is allowed outside. In no case inside the house or in the rooms.
  • We have complaint forms available for guests.

    Good environmental practices and energy saving:

  • Take care of the proper use of water, remember: less is more !
  • Turn off lights that are not necessary.
  • Take advantage of natural light.
  • Keep doors and windows closed when the air conditioning is on.
  • Make a rational use of air conditioning.
  • Make ducts with sustainability criteria.
  • Keep stoves turned off when not in use
  • Make selective waste collection respecting what is to be discarded in each container.
  • Do not disturb cows or other animals in the surrounding area.

    Basic rules for pets

  • Responsibility of animal owners

  • All pets that are registered in the establishment must be accompanied by their owner at all times.

  • The person owning an animal is responsible for the behavior of the animal inside the establishment (both inside and outside). We accept pets as long as they are educated in their needs.

  • The person in possession of an animal, without prejudice to the subsidiary responsibility of the owner, is responsible for any damage, harm and nuisance caused to people, other animals, things, roads and public spaces and the natural environment in general, in accordance with the provisions of applicable civil legislation.