Procurement of local product why?

we promote and use local commerce as an indispensable part of responsible purchasing. In this way we reduce CO2 emissions from the transport of goods and promote local companies and businesses.

local product

Local markets when trade takes place entirely within the usual area of mobility of the different agents involved. In Catalonia, it has been estimated that we could consider as local those circuits that occur within a radius of 50 or 60 kilometers (Valls, 2006)

(Valls, 2006).


Proximity selling

Proximity selling is the sale of agri-food products from the land or livestock, or from a process of elaboration or transformation that is made in favor of the final consumer, directly or through the intervention of an intermediary person, by producers or groups of agricultural producers. Proximity sales include direct sales and short-circuit sales.

The proximity product is that which is sold in accordance with the criteria of proximity selling.

Circuit and channel of commercialization

It is the one carried out by producers or groups of agricultural producers in favor of the final consumer with the intervention of an intermediary person.

Short-circuit sales can be made in retail establishments, agro-shops of agricultural producer groups acting as intermediaries, in rural tourism establishments and in catering establishments, including collective catering establishments, provided that this sale complies with the criteria established in Decree 24/2013, of January 8, on the accreditation of proximity sales of agri-food products. Short-circuit sales may also be carried out remotely, or on an itinerant basis in accordance with the provisions of the current regulations on domestic trade.


Km 0 is a concept. It refers to the distance that food travels from its origin until it reaches the consumer; it is a concept widely used in the study of the environmental impact or ecological footprint of food. It is also one of the concepts around which revolves the slow food philosophy and its network of restaurants, which prepare menus with products that have traveled a maximum of 100 km from their origin to the restaurant in question.

Direct sales

It is the one that occurs directly between producers or groups of agricultural producers in favor of the final consumer, without the intervention of an intermediary person. Direct sale can be carried out on the farm itself, in farm stores of the agricultural producer groups, in local markets, at fairs-markets or in other places that are not permanent commercial establishments. The direct sale can also be carried out at a distance or in an itinerant way, in accordance with what is established in the current regulations on internal trade.

We rely on products with labels

Let's buy products with labels as they help in the reduction of pollution or ecological footprint.


The elaboration of a list with the products we will need, the search for ethically responsible products not only saves money, but also avoids the purchase of extra products, thus reducing waste.

Making a list of products and establishments to visit helps to promote fair and respectful local trade.