We have invested in a sustainable rehabilitation based on biological and environmentally friendly materials. Natural wood, cork and natural fibers have been used for insulation. Lime coatings ensure an environment free of toxic products such as paint. The paint used is lime-based.

The air conditioning with AEROTHERMIA heats in winter and cools in summer and is a clean and renewable energy that uses outside air and does not generate combustion.

The installations are designed for maximum water and electricity savings.

We have just installed photovoltaic panels so that the consumption of light is minimal and we can benefit from the sun's energy. This year also, we have a new swimming pool! A fantastic sand pool that leaves no residue in the environment if it is ever not used. To disinfect the water we use the salt chlorination method, which allows us not to use so many chemicals and is less harmful to the skin, besides giving a more pleasant bathing sensation.

Following the same criteria we have recycled and used furniture and other utensils to furnish and decorate the house, always with taste and following the same aged and rural style.

This year 2021 our good practices and sustainable criteria has led us to get the BIOSPHERE certificate!

Preservation of the Natural and Heritage Environment

Aware of the importance of raising awareness about the environment and sustainability, we have launched initiatives and/or procedures to promote the preservation of the natural environment and heritage:

The change is in your hands, help us to care for and preserve the natural and cultural environment!

Enjoy nature in parks and green spaces:

During the visit to the natural space

Always respect the flora and fauna.
Do not deviate from the paths or marked itineraries.
Eat in the picnic areas.
Do not throw waste on the ground and, if possible, take the garbage generated with you.